We depart from our helipad carrying our bikes and guide in the helicopter.A 20’ flight through lake Tagua Tagua ,the meadows of Rio Puelo to turn north into Rio Manso, we fly past the Cheyre bridge to the north, the Rio Frio entrance is notorious flowing into Manso, we enter to finally land in the picturesque village of Frio .

Start pedaling from the village where we pass the rustic gateway to the northern side of Rio Frio, we follow a dirt narrow road for ox carts passing by small streams and ditches.The native forest lets us see in parts the crystalline waters of Rio Frio.

The road continues for 8 kilometers with up and downs but maintaining same level.We arrive to the Manso river crossing a bridge to continue until we arrive to the eastern shore bank of Manso river where the helicopter and our meal are waiting. The fly back is leaving on port Isla Jabali and the waterfall of the Tagua Tagua.



We leave the lodge in our helo with the guide. It is a 30’ flight to the rio Ventisquero an afluent of Puelo river.

The river has a trail that runs for 10 kilometers following the north west bank ,the native forest with lots of ,coihues and ulms, the trail crosses many shallow streams on our way and runs close to the river bank letting us admire the turquoise waters produce of the Toro glacier sediment waters coming down. The trail is almost flat and pleasant .

Down river we can contiue if desired by the banks of Puelo river for another 10 kilometers. The helicopter will be waiting us at the end with a healthy snack on site.