3 Nights

Road transfer to and from Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas

Horseback ride to Traidor River: we cross Tagua Tagua Lake on our jet boat to Jabalí Island, where our horses await for the ride south along the Puelo River toward the Junta and eventually the mouth of the Traidor River (approximately 3 hours, with a guide). There we will enjoy a Patagonian “asado” (barbecue), before returning to the Lodge on our jet boat down the Puelo River.

Tagua Tagua Park trekking: We cross Lake Tagua Tagua by jet boat to the park entrance. There begins the adventure along ancient rain forests, streams and waterfalls, and unique vegetation in this one-of-a-kind nature preserve. We enjoy a two hour hike to the Alerce Cabin, followed by a four hour hike to the Quetros Cabin. In the afternoon our helicopter picks us up at the Quetros heliport (2 passengers, 1 guide). When we hike to the Alerce Cabin only, we hike back to the park entrance where our jet boat awaits.

Cerro Mesa “asado” (barbecue): we ride our jet boat on the Puelo River to a white sand beach with turquoise waters, surrounded by lush vegetation. Our chef prepares a typical Patagonian asado.

Half a day of fly fishing on our motor boats, visiting several fishing spots on the Puelo River (2 fishermen, 1 guide)

Prices per person, based on one standard double room

Prices include activities mentioned above, as well as all meals and drinks (wine, beer, Barraco sours, and soft drinks)

For rates see the Barraco Lodge Welcome Kit