With the Lodge´s guide, we fly to well stocked, unexplored rivers and lakes. We also fish at the best spots along the Puelo River and its tributaries on our jet boats and cata-rafts.


Boat on turquoise lakes and rivers. Hike into the Larch woods and cross pristine streams. Helicopter to undiscovered lakes high up in the Alerce Andino National Park. Enjoy the Sauna and hot tub on the sun deck.


Ride on horseback through the Puelo Valley and along the river to a culinary destination to enjoy the delicacies prepared by local Gauchos. Jet-Boat on rushing river rapids to picnic on white sand beaches framed by wild vegetation.


Fly above the age-old rain forest in Alerce National Park. Continue along virgin valleys to see the world renown 1000 meter (3000 ft) vertical granite cliffs populated by technical climbers. Look down into the crevasses of the east glacier at the Yates volcano.


Horse back ride or jet boat to Cerro Mesa. Hike Tagua Tagua Park to Quetru Lagoon and return by boat or helicopter. Return to the Lodge for a hot tub session, Barraco sours, lamb “asado”, and an evening of team bonding.