Located on 150 acres bordering Lake Tagua Tagua and the Puelo River, Barraco Lodge is ideally located to explore the natural treasures of northern Patagonia and the Pacific coast: wild rivers, waterfalls, hidden lakes, glaciers, volcanos, granite cliffs, and some of the oldest rain forests in the world.

Barraco is a typical Patagonian style lodge, built entirely with local craftsmen and materials. The renovation of the main house, 1940 colonial style, was directed by Edward Rojas, an authority in regional architecture. His philosophy is to build in harmony with the surroundings.

Barraco is one of the best equipped lodges in the region, with helicopters, motor boats, kayaks, river rafts, and horses. Professional guides are available for fly fishing, river rafting, hiking, camping, horseback rides, and heli-skiing.

After a day of adventure, the lodge awaits with hot tubs, sauna, massage, Chef Maite Daroch´s cuisine, selected wines, craft beer, and a cozy fire.



You need patience to cook a Patagonian lamb to perfection over an open fire. The conversation and stories exchanged during the preparation of an “asado” (barbecue), sum up the Patagonian philosophy of the people who settled this area of Chile and Argentina: cooking and eating are a social event.

At Barraco Lodge we pay special attention to the fresh local ingredients we use. The majority of our vegetables are from our organic orchard and greenhouse; we encourage our guests to visit them and participate in the process.

We offer some of the best Patagonian specialties, such as lamb and wild boar, king crab, and a wide variety of seafood, including of course the locally caught fresh water fish. We cook many typical foods in our clay mud oven. We also have a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, such as dishes

prepared with Morchela (Morels), a delicious wild mushroom  from the Puelo Valley. We also offer the famous “Curanto” from Chiloe.

By land


Puerto Montt to Barraco Lodge: this is a 130 kilometer (80 miles) route, about 2.5 hours along the Austral highway, passing by Piedra Azul, Lenca, La Arena Cove (ferry crossing every 30 minutes), Puelche, Puelo, and Lake Tagua Tagua.

Puerto Varas to Barraco Lodge: a 150 kilometer (95 miles) route, about 3 hours along the southern bank of Lake Llanquihue, passing through Ensenada, Ralun, Cochamó, Puelo, and Lake Tagua Tagua.

By air

A Helicopter flight from Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas is about 35 minutes to the Lodge heliport.

Round trip air faires

Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas to Barraco Lodge heliport, on a Robinson R44 helicopter, 3 passengers, US$900 total.

Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas to Barraco Lodge heliport, 6 passengers, US$1.800 total

Round trip fares by land

Private Land Transfer In/Out Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas to Barraco Lodge by 4WD Pick up truck. Capacity 4 pax.  USD 540.00